Knowing but not knowing

I have never been good at writing but it is something that I want to work on through this website. When I say “knowing but not knowing” in the title, I mean that I know what I want to write about, but I do not know how to title things to create that “catchy headline”. I also do not know how to start said writing prompt and only really know the middle and the end part. I am sure I will get it eventually.

Maybe I shouldn’t write these like I am talking to myself, but to you the reader. I am not sure yet as I have not completely found the voice for this website yet. I am also not sure how often I am going to write these blogs either. I need to figure out a schedule and stick to it.

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I want to write about one of the shirts I was selling on LMA before I switched over to WordPress. The name of the t-shirt was Flipped. I am not sure if you saw it or not as you may be a first time vistor. The image to the left is what the t shirt looked like. I heard quite a few people tell me they like the design. I wanted to show you the process of me getting this design to where it is now and about my thoughts on the design. I also want to hear your thoughts about it!

This original image of Flipped is from a much larger photo named Apollo. Click on the photo to shop Flipped on Etsy!

The image on the right is the original format of this design. It is from a very large photo that I named Apollo that I have been working on since 2015. It is still not finished because I am never happy with something and end up deleting part of it and drawing something else in its place. I still work on it from time to time but I am afraid that it will never be 100 percent complete. I will be releasing some of the photos of Apollo in the future but for now, I am only going to be releasing small parts of it.

Shop Flipped on Etsy now by clicking on the image above!

The next step in the process, I erased all of the background and made a part of Apollo a drawing of it’s own. I have done this with a few other drawings from Apollo because there are so many unique images inside this one photo. The original name I came up with for this design was called Creepy Abstract Spider or CAS for short. I called it this because to me, it looked like a weird spider. I was thinking about how this thing walked if it did and that creeped me out. It also looks like a dog in the face to me. At the time I kept it red because that is the way it was in Apollo. Eventually, I was talking to a coworker, and they said they would like it better in blue.

Click to shop Flipped on Etsy

I ended up listening to this person and changing the color scheme to blue and light blue. I actually like it a lot better this way as well. I named this version CAS Blue, which I know, is super original. It sat in my file library from February 2019 until May 2019 untouched. One day I had a thought to make this design into a pattern. I did that and decided next to flip it upside down. That is where the name Flipped came from.

If you are interested in looking at the t shirt, and potentionally purchasing it, please click on any of the images to be redirected to If you have a problem with your order, please contact Amazon support and they will be more then happy to help you! Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or questions down below.

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