Time for Blue Bird

I do not know if you ever notice the little logos on the tabs of your computer browser, but for right now, I have mine set as my cartoon drawing Blue Bird. There is one thing I can say about all of my artwork; it is never finished, and I almost always change the design a few times before I am happy with it. This is another example of just that.

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This image is one of the Popsockets that I sell on Amazon. The design did not always look like this and I want to reach further back to show you the process and remind myself as well. I came up with the design back in 2015. At this period in my life, I was using a Kindle Fire app called AutoDesk SketchBook. I used it quite often because I liked the mirror effect that this app had in it. I drew one side and the other is done as well.

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I remember during this period of time, I would write random words using the mirror effect on my Kindle and see what it would turn out to look like. They usually were not positive words and sometimes were entire sentences. I cannot tell you the words I used to create Blue Bird as I never wrote them down. However, I can tell you for certain I did use words to create the design because I remember doing that much.

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I took the above image and put it into Adobe Illustrator and used the image trace into a high fidelity photo. The result is a clear cartoon that I had to decide what colors to use in it. I thought the blue and yellow worked best for this cartoon. There were a few other minor tweaks that I did that you can see in the final product. I took away the nose holes, and enlarged the two small dots above the eyes. I also filled in the very small white dots under the eyes to black.

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The end result is a cute Blue Bird cartoon that I really like. I decided to put it onto a Popsocket as a pattern because I thought it would look the best that way. I have considered not putting a pattern at all and putting just one Blue Bird on a Popsocket or t shirt. I am not completely sure yet. If you are interested in checking out the Popsocket, click on any of the images to be redirected to Amazon. If you have any issues with your order, please contact Amazon support. Thank you and please let me know what you think in the comments!

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