Deciding on a blog schedule

Should my blog have a schedule that I follow for my posts? Yes, I think it should because then you know when to be on the lookout for new content. As of this moment in time, I want to start having something new every Monday and Friday at 3:30 pm. What I will talk about that day will depend on what I have on my mind.

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So far on Lost Messages Art, all I have talked about is my art. That is understandable as it is in the name. However, I also want to talk about my cats because I have made some art with them in it. This Popsocket, for example, is a photo of my cat Punkin yawning. Now you’re probably thinking, that’s not art! Well, to me photography is art. I want to tell a couple stories about him before I go on this blog post.

Punkin is a huge dork and I call him silly all the time. I was in the shower the other day and he was sitting on the bathtub staring at me. If I held a handful of water and drained it near him, he would try and play with it. I do not know what prompted this, but he randomly decided to run through my bathtub and out the other side! Yes, the water was on, and yes he ran through it. I do not know many cats that would do this.

I also love to play with him because he makes these really cute noises. For example, I have this mouse connected to a string that squeaks and he loves it. He makes this growl type noise when he is trying to get it, and he catches it quick. If you are interested in watching videos of my cats, I am on TikTok under the name PunkTheCat.

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