In the beginning…

I’ve always been someone who liked to draw. I did it a lot in school and used to get yelled at by teachers for not paying attention. In actuality, doodling in class helped me focus on what the teacher was saying better. Besides science, art class was always my favorite subject. I probably will post drawings from my childhood all the way up until now and into the future. For now, I am going to start with high school and where I came up with the art style that lead to Lost Messages and Apollo.

One day I was in art class when I was a freshmen in high school. I was sitting next to a senior who I cannot remember the name of. Mr. B, my art teacher at the time, gave us a prompt to draw and I was struggling to come up with and idea so I looked over at my table partners work and saw he was making these sqiggly lines over his drawing. For some reason this clicked in my brain to make what I now call my style of flowing tribal.

All of my friends at the time wanted me to draw their name with this new style I came up with. I ended up doing around 6 of them before I got tired of doing it. Looking back, I wish I would have charged people for the services rendered because I spent a lot of time on them. I also wish I had taken pictures of them before I gave them away. I have one left from that time frame. The reason why it was never given to her is because it was the last one I was working on, I never finished it, and actually spelled her name wrong. The drawing to the left is the drawing I am referring to. I reached out to a few people to see if they still had their drawing I made for them back in the day. One of them messaged me back and said she could not believe that I remembered doing the drawing for her, and that she believes that she still has it in her art supplies somewhere. She said she would look for it when she got the chance. I will update this post or make a new one if she ever sends me the picture because hers was one of the first I made.

This new art style is something that I would do all the time after I discovered it. Basically anytime I had a free moment in class, I was doodling either this style or hearts. I would draw on my notes, back of tests, or any random piece of paper that was given to me for whatever reason. For that reason, I do not have most of the drawings I drew back then. They either got thrown away or I lost them in between moves or other personal reasons. Maybe I thought I would never need them or thought they werent good enough at the time. Now I try to keep or at least take pictures of all of my drawings that I make even if I do not like them because I want to keep track of my progress.

The photo on the right is from my senior year in high school. My art teacher at the time wanted us to come up with 6 different patterns or forms and I chose to do my flowing tribal style. At the time, I was struggling to come up with what I should do in those 6 things. This is actually the 5th thing I drew for that. My art teacher liked it so much he wrote me a note saying awesome and gave me 2 extra credit points for it. That made me really proud.

If I find more pictures from my high school days, I may make another post about it. For now, however, I hoped you enjoyed reading and let me know what you think down below! See you next time 🙂

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