Origin of Lost Messages Art

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Where did the name Lost Messages Art come from? On Monday, I talked a little bit about my flowing tribal art style that I came up with in high school and mentioned an art piece I created named Lost Messages. The picture on the left is that art piece.

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I am not sure what caused me to start this project. I believe it was boredom to be honest. I didn’t really have friends back in 2015 and was alone a lot so I started drawing more to fill free time between school and work.

This is the first picture I took of the drawing. At the time I figured it would end up like most of the rest of the drawings I did over the years; unfinished and disappointing. The reason why I say that is because I have a lot of unfinished drawings and ideas that I never came back to. At this point, I did not have a name for it and it was like most of the other ones I had started without actually filling the whole page up.

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The really interesting thing to me are the things that are noticable when the whole page is not filled up. There is a lot of detail that goes unnoticed because there is so much to take in when you look at the finished product. For example, this picture reveals the reason I named the picture Lost Messages. There are five words and my full name in this picture. Two of them could be counted as one word if there is a hyphen in between. I do not want to reveal them but I do want you to guess them down below if you find them! I will let you know if you are correct. If you get all five, I will send you a free Flipped T shirt or $20 because that would be impressive. Not only are there words, but several hearts, a cursive L, quite a few faces with eyes, and several other letters or things.

The name Lost Messages comes from the fact that words are hidden within. In total, there are 34 words and many small little things that you would need to study the drawing for. That is not the only reason I named it that though. For each word or item in this drawing, you will never know why I put them in there. There was a reason why I put them in there, whether it was how I was feeling at the moment, something I was listening to, or something I was thinking about.

Overall, I hope you liked the drawing and let me know if you find the words that are hidden in there. I have more pictures of the drawing in different moments of time. Let me know if you are interested in seeing those as well. Thanks for reading! Come back Monday for my next blog.

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