Why is the title of this blog wow? When I wrote about how I messaged someone about a drawing I drew for them back in high school a couple weeks ago, I never actually expected them to follow through and send me the picture.

When she messaged me with this picture and said “Hey! I found your drawing! Sorry it took so long, I have a ton of boxes an it was literally in the very last one I checked.” I was very stunned.

So I want to say thank you again to Emma! You are awesome and I truely appreciate the time you put into looking for and sending me the picture. It will now be in several locations so that I will never lose it again.

Now that I have seen the picture, I am not so sure that it was one of the first I drew in this style. I honestly have no idea who’s name I drew first and probably will not get another picture from anyone else that I messaged. I could be wrong though because sometimes things happen that you do not expect.

I really want to know though…does anyone want me to draw their names like I did for Emma? It won’t look exactly the same because my skills are much better then they were back then and this time I will be charging a commision fee. If you do, please comment down below. Thanks!

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