Why is the title of this blog wow? When I wrote about how I messaged someone about a drawing I drew for them back in high school a couple weeks ago, I never actually expected them to follow through and send me the picture. When she messaged me with this picture and said “Hey! IContinue reading “Wow.”


The goofy looking drawing is the first one I have of the drawing Apollo. This particular drawing is from February 1st, 2015. I was drawing on a Kindle Fire back then on an app called Autodesk Sketchbook. This is not sponsored by the way, I just really like the app. I took the middle pieceContinue reading “Apollo”

In the beginning…

I’ve always been someone who liked to draw. I did it a lot in school and used to get yelled at by teachers for not paying attention. In actuality, doodling in class helped me focus on what the teacher was saying better. Besides science, art class was always my favorite subject. I probably will postContinue reading “In the beginning…”

Time for Blue Bird

I do not know if you ever notice the little logos on the tabs of your computer browser, but for right now, I have mine set as my cartoon drawing Blue Bird. There is one thing I can say about all of my artwork; it is never finished, and I almost always change the designContinue reading “Time for Blue Bird”


If you are new here, welcome! If you have been on here within the last year, you may have noticed that my website is not the same as it was. I have decided that Shopify is not in the cards for me right now under Lost Messages Art. Currently, I am exploring different ideas forContinue reading “Rebranding”

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