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Wacky Man, Orange the Pet, and One Eye

Posted by Cristina Velker on

Read Entire Article to see the time lapse video of these three abstract cartoon characters that I drew in 2015.

You can get two out of the three on various merch if you like them!

Thanks for looking!

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Posted by Cristina Velker on

Welcome to my website. Here you will find my designs on a variety of products. I hope you enjoy them when you receive them, and that they bring you as much joy as it brings me to have you as a customer.

If you happen to see a design that you like, but it is not on a product you want it on, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

If you have a request for a drawing, please know that I am only good at specific things, and take that into consideration. Please contact me for details.

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